Climate change and the energy crisis are being exacerbated by the massive consumption of fossil fuels, nuclear power plants, and other forms of energy by a few wealthy countries and people, and by the promotion of unsustainable economic development.
Due to climate change, extreme weather and natural disasters occur more frequently and affect people and communities, especially in developing countries who are least responsible to climate change The losses and damages are expected to be even greater.
We demand climate justice, that people in developed countries must take more responsibility for the climate change caused by their massive consumption of fossil fuels, and that by focusing on the livelihoods of all people and the dignity of ecosystems We also need to reject “false solutions” to the climate crisis that will only strengthen the current unjust system.

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[Press Release]Further engagement by institutional investors requestedMitsui & Co.’s new gas development and introduction of ammonia co-firing at coal fired power plants do not align with 1.5 degrees target


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Climate Change Impact and Climate Justice