Fossil Fuels

Our society has developed by relying on unsustainable energy sources such as coal, oil, and natural gas. In particular, so-called developed countries have exploited and benefited from fossil fuels. The lives of indigenous and local people are being threatened and destroyed at the sites of resource extraction. There is an urgent need to move away from a society dependent on fossil fuels in order to tackle the climate crisis.

2022.06.302022.07.07Petitions and Statements

Shareholders urge Japanese companies to take urgent climate action 

2022.06.242022.06.24Petitions and Statements

Joint Statement: Victory for local people and civil society! Japanese government announced to halt its supports for Matarbari 2 and Indramayu coal plants – Conversion to the false solutions, such as ammonia co-firing and gas-fired power, should be avoided –

2022.04.132022.04.13Petitions and Statements

Corporate Japan faces record number of climate shareholder resolutions

2021.11.242021.11.24Petitions and Statements

Japan Needs to Withdraw From LNG Canada – Serious Human Rights Violations In Coastal GasLink Pipeline

2021.11.102021.11.10Petitions and Statements

[PRESS RELEASE] CSOs Condemn Japan’s Decision to Finance LNG Canada Project – Japan Digs Deeper into Fossil Fuels Even as the Rest of The World Moves to Phase Them Out

2021.10.302021.10.30Petitions and Statements

[STATEMENT] JBIC and Private Banks Must Reconsider Decision to Finance LNG Canada Project NGOs Strongly Condemn JBIC’s Decision to Provide Public Finance ThatIgnores Climate Crisis and Rights of Indigenous Peoples Ahead of COP 26

2021.10.062021.10.06Petitions and Statements

JICA Must NOT Support Coal Plant in Indramayu, Indonesia!” CSOs Submitted the Petition to Japanese government (endorsed by 10860 Individuals from 114 Countries and 114 Organizations from 34 Countries) ahead of COP26

2021.09.222021.09.22Petitions and Statements

CSOs Submitted Letter Demanding Japanese Mega Banks Not Finance LNG Canada Project and Withdraw from Coastal Gaslink Pipeline Project- Take Action to Avoid Serious Violations of Indigenous Peoples’ Rights and Climate Crisis!

2021.08.062021.08.06Petitions and Statements

Press Release: CSOs Submitted a Letter Demanding JBIC Not to Finance the LNG Canada Project – Do Not Violate the Rights of Indigenous Peoples or Fuel the Climate Crisis