Fossil Fuels

Our society has developed by relying on unsustainable energy sources such as coal, oil, and natural gas. In particular, so-called developed countries have exploited and benefited from fossil fuels. The lives of indigenous and local people are being threatened and destroyed at the sites of resource extraction. There is an urgent need to move away from a society dependent on fossil fuels in order to tackle the climate crisis.

2023.03.292023.03.29Petitions and Statements

[Request Letter] Commencement of Trial in the Bribery Case of Cirebon Coal-Fired Power Plant Unit 2 in Indonesia: JBIC should suspend its loan disbursement and take responsible actions to halt the project!

2023.03.012023.03.06Petitions and Statements

Open Letter: Japan’s “Zero Emissions” strategy is a fallacy – Japan must support just and equitable transition from fossil fuels not “false solutions”

2023.03.012023.03.02Petitions and Statements

Press Release : Japan’s “Zero Emissions” strategy is a Greenwashing – 140 Civil society groups from 18 countries sent an open letter to G7 chair demanding support on swift, just and equitable transition from fossil fuels and not on “false solutions”

2022.11.282022.11.28Petitions and Statements

Cirebon Coal Plant Unit 2, Indonesia: Residents Submit Opinion “JBIC Must Suspend Loan and Reexamine Examiner’s Findings”

2022.11.142022.11.14Petitions and Statements

[Joint Statement] Climate, Environment and Social Conditions Require a Further Earlier Closure of Cirebon Coal Plant Unit 1 and a Halt to the Commencement of Operation in Cirebon Unit 2 – Reaction to the Announcement of the 1st Early Closure Plan of Coal Power Plant in Indonesia

2022.11.012022.11.01Petitions and Statements

56 groups from 29 countries opposed to Japan’s promotion of False Solution – Japanese Government should commit to ending fossil fuel finance at COP27

2022.11.012022.11.01Petitions and Statements

Indonesian CSOs Submit a Petition to the Japanese Government: “No more prolonging the lifespan of fossil fuel and destroying the environment and livelihoods in Indonesia in the name of a ‘Just Energy Transition'”

2022.11.012022.11.01Petitions and Statements

We urge the Japanese Government to Stop Promoting “False Solutions” and Commit to Ending Fossil Fuel Finance at COP27

2022.10.172022.10.17Petitions and Statements

[Press Release]Further engagement by institutional investors requestedMitsui & Co.’s new gas development and introduction of ammonia co-firing at coal fired power plants do not align with 1.5 degrees target