Fossil Fuels

Our society has developed by relying on unsustainable energy sources such as coal, oil, and natural gas. In particular, so-called developed countries have exploited and benefited from fossil fuels. The lives of indigenous and local people are being threatened and destroyed at the sites of resource extraction. There is an urgent need to move away from a society dependent on fossil fuels in order to tackle the climate crisis.

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2024.04.262024.04.26Petitions and Statements

[Press Release]Japan’s ‘disastrous and harmful’ LNG financing sparks protests around the world 

2024.04.252024.04.25Petitions and Statements

[Petition] Community Harms Must End: Japan, Stop Funding Fossil Fuels


Report Release: FoE US and OCI’s New report shows Japan, Korea, and US among worst fossil fuel financiers 

2024.04.092024.04.09Petitions and Statements

Joint Statement: Prime Minister Kishida should cooperate with the US and the Philippines for true decarbonization


Position Paper on the Application of the Energy Transition Mechanism for Cirebon Coal-Fired Power Plant Unit 1 in Indonesia:  We firmly reject the mechanism for the sake of huge greenwashing by major corporations, not for the sake of the climate, environment, and local communities


Briefing Note: Japan’s CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) Policy

2024.02.222024.02.22Petitions and Statements

NGOs’ Comments to the Japanese NCP’s Final Statement on “Cirebon Coal-fired Power Plant Project- Unit 2” (Cirebon 2) in Indonesia


[Briefing] Japan Behind the LNG Expansion in the Gulf

2023.12.192023.12.19Petitions and Statements

[Press Release] Asia-Pacific Civil Society Groups Submit an Open Letter to Prime Minister Kishida Before the ASEAN-Japan Special Summit and Organized an Asia-wide Action: Japan should seize the “Golden Opportunity” to phase out fossil fuels