2023.12.152023.12.15Petitions and Statements

PETITION: Immediately Stop Prolonging the Life of Fossil Fuels and Destroying the Environment and Livelihoods in Indonesia – Meaningful Participation of Local Communities and Civil Society in Just and Equitable Energy Transition


[Event]From Gas and Coal to Renewable Energy! The Light Night Event for a Brighter Future

2023.10.042023.10.04Petitions and Statements

[Letter of Request] Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) should forgo support of the Block B Gas Field Development Project in Vietnam

2023.09.062023.09.06Petitions and Statements

[Joint Press Release] Climate activists call on ASEAN leaders to reject Japan’s dirty energy strategy, scale up wind and solar

2023.08.182023.08.18Petitions and Statements

Bribery of Project Owner Revealed at Cirebon Coal Plant Unit 2 in Indonesia – Request Submitted to MoF and JBIC for Prompt Suspension of Public Support

2023.06.272023.06.27Petitions and Statements

FoE Japan and FoE US submitted the comment to NEXI on potential support for Cameron LNG (Phase II)

2023.05.312023.05.31Petitions and Statements

Indonesian residents and NGOs visit Japan to request: Japanese government and banks must stop financing Cirebon coal-fired power plant Unit 2 and take responsible action for early retirement of Unit 1!

2023.05.192023.05.19Petitions and Statements

Open Letter: G7 countries must not leave room for fossil fuels, climate destruction


G7 NGO Press briefing on Climate Change and Energy – Voices from Global South