Cirebon Coal Power

The Cirebon Coal Power Project in West Java, Indonesia, which a joint venture between Japan, South Korea, and Indonesia has invested in, has been financed by the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) and private banks. Commercial operation of the first unit began in 2012, despite continued opposition from residents who are concerned about the project’s impact on their livelihoods and health.

“Many people in the village made their living through small-scale fishing, collecting various shellfish, making salt, and making small shrimp paste, but they were severely affected by the construction of Unit 1. Before the coal-fired power project, life was much easier for the residents here, as they had various sources of income.”

With many residents already suffering from the loss of their livelihoods, the construction of the even more massive Unit 2 is now underway. JBIC, the private banks, and the Japanese companies with stakes in the project (Marubeni Corporation and JERA) should not continue the project, ignoring the concerns of the residents. There have also been incidents of bribery of people involved in the project.





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