Private Financial Institutions

There is a growing movement worldwide to make financial flows more sustainable in order to combat climate change and protect the environment. There is also an accelerating trend of “divestment,” the withdrawal of investments and deposits from banks and corporations that are investing in and financing carbon intensive projects.


Cirebon Coal Plant Unit 2, Indonesia: Residents Submit Opinion “JBIC Must Suspend Loan and Reexamine Examiner’s Findings”


Indonesian CSOs Submit a Petition to the Japanese Government: “No more prolonging the lifespan of fossil fuel and destroying the environment and livelihoods in Indonesia in the name of a ‘Just Energy Transition'”


[Press Release] Letter Sent to 160 Institutions to Urge Engagement with Three Japanese Banks Regarding Junta-linked Projects in Myanmar. Continued Investment May Finance Human Rights Violations by the Myanmar Military


Japan Needs to Withdraw From LNG Canada – Serious Human Rights Violations In Coastal GasLink Pipeline


[STATEMENT] JBIC and Private Banks Must Reconsider Decision to Finance LNG Canada Project NGOs Strongly Condemn JBIC’s Decision to Provide Public Finance ThatIgnores Climate Crisis and Rights of Indigenous Peoples Ahead of COP 26


CSOs Submitted Letter Demanding Japanese Mega Banks Not Finance LNG Canada Project and Withdraw from Coastal Gaslink Pipeline Project- Take Action to Avoid Serious Violations of Indigenous Peoples’ Rights and Climate Crisis!


#JapanStopODAtoTheTatmadaw Project


128 organizations from 39 countries demand Japanese government and companies to withdraw from Vung Ang 2 coal power plant project in Vietnam


[Petition] Appeal for Japanese government and private sector to withdraw from Vung Ang 2 coal power plant project in Vietnam