Batang Coal Power

One of the largest coal-fired power generation projects in Southeast Asia, the project is located in Batang, Central Java Province, Indonesia. J-Power and Itochu have invested in the project, and Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) and private banks have financed some USD 3.4 billion out of USD 4.5 billion, an estimated total cost of the project. The project has been pointed out that there are various environmental, social, and human rights issues as well as the climate crisis.

“We have been opposing the project since 2011. We want to protect our homeland, which we inherited from our ancestors. We will do whatever it takes to stop this project.” –The local farmers and fishermen voiced strong opposition to the project, and construction was delayed for nearly five years. Nevertheless, the Indonesian government has been repressing residents who voice their opposition and forcibly expropriating their land, forcing the construction to proceed, while JBIC and Japanese companies have ignored the concerns of the residents. It has been pointed out that there is a surplus of electricity on Java Island, and the question of who the development is for is being raised.





PETITION: Immediately Stop Prolonging the Life of Fossil Fuels and Destroying the Environment and Livelihoods in Indonesia – Meaningful Participation of Local Communities and Civil Society in Just and Equitable Energy Transition


Indonesian CSOs Submit a Petition to the Japanese Government: “No more prolonging the lifespan of fossil fuel and destroying the environment and livelihoods in Indonesia in the name of a ‘Just Energy Transition'”