Renewable Energy

We believe that renewable energy is an important source of energy from the perspective of eliminating nuclear power plants and solving climate change.

Development of renewable energy also needs to be democratic, transparent and environmentally sustainable. There are concerns about the import of wood chips, palm oil, and palm husks from overseas or lack of consultation with communities and environmental integrity of renewable energy projects.

FoE Japan proposes a shift to 100% renewable energy in a way that does not ignore the voices of people and communities nor cause damage to society and environment.


[NGO Joint Statement] Co-firing of Biomass in Coal Plants or Conversion of Coal Power Plants to Dedicated Biomass Power Plants is Greenwashing –Biomass accelerates climate change and destroys forest ecosystems


Indonesian CSOs Submit a Petition to the Japanese Government: “No more prolonging the lifespan of fossil fuel and destroying the environment and livelihoods in Indonesia in the name of a ‘Just Energy Transition'”