Community Adaptation

On the island of Java, Indonesia, climate change and development impacts are causing serious water shortages and landslides in rural areas and seawater inundation in coastal areas. There are many development projects planned by Japan and other countries in the name of supporting climate change countermeasures, but many of them do not meet the needs of the local residents and on the contrary, cause environmental and social impacts.

Therefore, FoE Japan is promoting community-based adaptation measures that are researched, planned, and implemented by local people in order to realize sustainable climate change measures that meet their impacts and needs. So far, we have conducted agroforestry and watershed management projects in rural areas. In coastal areas, we are preventing coastal erosion through mangrove conservation and restoring livelihoods through ecotourism, and in areas more severely affected by flooding, we are improving sanitation and disaster prevention. By improving the capacity of the community and emphasizing the initiative of the residents, we will increase their adaptability and resilience to the ever-changing climate change now and in the future.