International Symposium: 311, 11 years on - Learn about Fukushima and the world today, create a nuclear free tomorrow (March 6, 2022)


Almost 11 years have passed since the March 11 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, and the subsequent disaster at the TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. The disaster is not yet under control, and the impacts are severe.

Many people were deprived of their homes, and over 30,000 people are still displaced today. Decommissioning work at the nuclear plant is facing many challenges, and the plans to remove the melted debris are not yet made. Discharging the ever-growing amount of treated contaminated water into the ocean is a matter of great debate. At the same time, there are now noticeable moves to position nuclear power as a measure against climate change. Meanwhile, the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons has finally entered into force and the first Meeting of States Parties will be held in 2022.

What have we learned from the disaster? What messages should we convey, and what kind of society should we strive to build?

International environmental NGO FoE Japan and Peace Boat will join together to hold an international symposium on March 6 to learn, consider and discuss the ongoing nuclear disaster, and the global situation regarding nuclear issues. Speakers will include Muto Ruiko of Miharu Town in Fukushima Prefecture, Peace Boat Executive Committee Member Kawasaki Akira, and Australian Conservation Foundation campaigner and ICAN co-founder Dave Sweeney. The event will also feature a relay talk with presentations from people directly impacted by the nuclear disaster, as well as people working in Germany and other countries to achieve a nuclear free society.

Programme (more details forthcoming)

【Part 1】The current situation of the Fukushima nuclear disaster

Keynote: Muto Ruiko (Resident of Miharu Town, Fukushima Prefecture) Relay Talk featuring evacuees from and residents of Fukushima, activists from Germany and Wales, and more:

Nakate Seiichi (Evacuated from Fukushima to Hokkaido)
Oga Ayako (Evacuated from Fukushima to Niigata)
Uno Saeko (Evacuated from Fukushima to Kyoto)
Hasegawa Katsumi (Evacuated from Fukushima to Shizuoka)
Oda Chiyo (Co-Representative, Don’t Contaminate the Ocean Anymore (KOREUMI))
A mother from Fukushima
Linda Rogers (People Against Wylfa B, Wales)
Jan Warode (BUND/FoE Germany, Germany)
A message from the Pacific

【Part 2】How to create our future world

The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons from now: Kawasaki Akira, Peace Boat
Nuclear power is no climate change measure: Dave Sweeney, Australian Conservation Foundation
For a future with no nuclear weapons or climate crisis: Okuno Kako, Fridays for Future Hiroshima/Japan

Event Details

When: March 6, 2022 (Sunday), 14:00-17:30 Japan time

Where: In person in Tokyo or online via Zoom

Tokyo venue: Hokutopia Dome Hall (1-11-1 Oji, Kita-ku)

Interpretation will be provided between English and Japanese, however English language will only be available online. Please note the event may also be held fully online, pending the COVID-19 situation at the time.

Cost: Free

Organised by: FoE Japan, Peace Boat

Enquiries: FoE Japan, TEL: 03-6909-5983 / E-mail: info(a)

Online: Register to join via Zoom here (up to 500 people)
In person: please register via this form; note that only Japanese language will be available at the venue in Tokyo.