Pokapoka Recreation Camp

FoE Japan has been campaigning for the recognition of the “right to evacuation,” which would allow people to receive support and compensation whether they evacuate or stay in areas where the annual cumulative dose exceeds 1 millisievert, which is Internationally recommended level as the public exposure limit. However, the right to evacuation is not fully recognized by the government therefore many people could not get enough compensation nor support.

In response to this, FoE Japan started a weekend recreation program called the “Fukushima Poka Poka Project” in cooperation with other organizations. A former pension in Inawashiro was rented by the group and used as a recreational base, “Poka Poka House”. It plays an important role not only as an outdoor activity for children, but also as a place for environmental education and a place for parents to talk about their concerns and worries.





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