Purpose of the Nuclear and Energy Program


The purpose of this program is to help minimize the damage from the TEPCO nuclear disaster by creating support measures for victims, and to change Japan’s domestic policies and export policies for nuclear energy.

Specific objectives are as follows;

  1. To contribute to a nuclear power phase-out and energy shift by encouraging the Japanese government to promote energy conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy.
  2. To monitor the Nuclear Regulation Authority and stop the restart of the nuclear power plants in Japan.
  3. To contribute to the restoration of normal life and good health care of evacuees and non-evacuees (in Fukushima and other areas) after the nuclear accident. We do this by seeking full implementation of the Victims Support Act, seeking improvements in methodologies of the Fukushima Health Management Survey, and by showing an alternative approach through a project for children from contaminated areas, in order to reduce the risks of low-dose radiation.
  4. To help prevent Japan’s export of nuclear power plants, and to contribute to the global anti-nuclear movement.