Climate Change Impact and Climate Justice


Unsustainable economies depending on fossil fuels and nuclear energy worsens climate and environment. Historically speaking, the most of green house gas emissions are responsible for the developed countries, but the impact, loss and damages caused by climate change are more appalling and serious in the developing countries where people depends on nature for their livelihood. Developing counties usually has weak infrastructures and low readiness for natural disasters, thus people easily get trapped in poverty. If the climate change worsens, the loss and damage worsens too.

While some small percentage of population in the world consume majority of the energy, there are still many people who do not have access to energy or sustainable energy.

We must correct this climate injustice and recognize the historical responsibility of the global North to cut GHG emissions drastically.

FoE groups campaign for promoting “the right of communities to choose their sustainable energy sources and to develop a healthy consumption level". There is also a need for greenhouse gas emissions reduction and for all people to equally share resources within ecological limits. Friends of the Earth International works for climate justice and energy access through proactive, community based campaigns and projects.

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