Taganito Nickel Mine

Japan is dependent on imports of nickel, an indispensable raw material for lithium-ion batteries. The Philippines is the main source of nickel imports, and Japanese companies such as Sumitomo Metal Mining, Pacific Metals, Sojitz and Mitsui have invested in mining and smelting operations at the Rio Tuba mine in Palawan and the Taganito mine in Northern Surigao. FoE Japan has been pointing out the problems of river water pollution, impact on ecosystems, and destruction of indigenous peoples’ livelihoods and cultures in both areas, and has been calling on the Japanese companies involved to solve the underlying problems.

In Taganito, in addition to such problems, issues of human rights violations of workers, such as illegal employment practices and unfair dismissal, have also become apparent. In order to resolve these various issues, the relevant Japanese companies are required to take proactive measures.





Pollution Exported by Japanese Companies: Water Contamination by Hexavalent Chromium Continuously Found around the Nickel Projects in the Philippines