Coastal Forests

Due to the tsunami caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake, the coastal forests of Yamamoto Town, Watari County, located in the coastal area of southern Miyagi Prefecture, suffered the greatest loss of life in the disaster area. The history of coastal forests in this area dates back to the reign of Date Masamune. It is said that the forests have been maintained to protect farmlands and villages from the cold and strong sea winds, resulting in tidal damage and flying sand, to increase the productivity of the area, and to create a prosperous country.

FoE Japan, in collaboration with the NPO “Life and Environment Conservation” in the affected area, began coastal forest restoration activities in 2015. While focusing mainly on tide-damage-resistant black pines, we are also planting camellia, mountain cherry, chestnut and other broad-leaved trees in an effort to develop coastal forests rooted in the local community.