Sayonara- Genpatsu! rally on 22 September 2016


On the 22 of September 2016 a rally ‘Sayounara Genpatsu’(Bye nuclear power) was held in Tokyo, Yoyogi Park.


Many different organizations presented their concern for several topics linked to nuclear power next to the Yoyogi Park, for example contaminated soil testing results in Japan, the stop of the governmental financial support for the Fukushima refugees, the protest against the restart of the existing nuclear power plants as well as the plans for new nuclear power plants.

Friends of the Earth Japan was present with their campaign ’Power Shift’. This campaign is about the switch from nuclear and coal energy providing companies to renewable energy companies to support the development and the use of renewable energies throughout Japan.

Even though it rained heavily, 9500 people joined the protest to share their opinion regarding actions of the government concerning Fukushima and the plans for nuclear power plants.

From 12pm to 2pm speeches were held. Unfortunately the last action 'the walk to the Jingudori Park’ was cancelled due to the heavy rain. Therefore the event ended early at around 2.30pm.

(Nadine Holldorf, Internship student from Germany)