Announcing the launch of the “Fukusihma Mieruka Project” English website


[Tokyo, September 11, 2020] Today Friends of the Earth Japan (FoE Japan) announces the international launch of the “Fukushima Mieruka Project” website in English. (“Mieruka” means to visualize or make visible.) The aim of this project is to show the world the current situation in the aftermath of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident, which occurred on March 11, 2011. The release today is timed in the six-month lead-up to the tenth anniversary of the nuclear accident. There has been a tendency for the real impacts of the accident to be lost in all the official hype about reconstruction.

This dedicated website brings many things together in one place, including video interviews with evacuees from the Fukushima nuclear accident, those who returned, and those who have continued living there, plus updates on the status of damage from the accident, official efforts to restart nuclear reactors, data about energy costs, and efforts to promote renewable energy as an alternative to nuclear. The English version of the website is at this address:
Coordinator of international programs at FoE Japan, Ayumi Fukakusa, said, “Many people around the world are still very interested in aftermath of this nuclear accident. With this website we have brought together data and testimonies from people directly affected, as well as lots of information about the impacts of the accident. The story can be complicated and many facts tend to be unreported elsewhere. We want to share the lessons of this accident with the rest of world.”

FoE Japan hopes this new site will let many more people know about the damage of nuclear accidents, prevent the memory from fading, and help broaden awareness and debate about nuclear power and energy.


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