MonthDateHiking TrailMeeting Place and TimeLeader
18(sun)Miura-fuji / Miuraat the middle of Platform 1 at Shinagawa Station of Keihin Kyuko Line at 9:30AMTomio Ego
15(sun)Mt.Mutsuishi / OkutamaJR Okutama St. at 9:25AMLin
22(sun)Mt.Koubou / TanzawaOdakyu Hadano St. at 10:15AMTeruyoshi Kadoya
25(sun)Tama-hills (Kurihira course) / Machidathe South Exit of Odakyu Kurihira St. at 9:10AMMasao Ishimori
11(sat)Mt.Takigo / DaibosatsuJR Sasago St. at 9:00AMLin
19(sun)Mt.Monomi Mt.Hiwada / OkumusashiSeibu Musashi-yokote St. at 9:05AMYuriko Shinohara
34(sat)Daimine Mineyama / KamakuraKoichi Miyashita
12(sun)Ropponmatsu / OdawaraTeruyoshi Kadoya
25(sat)Mt.Gozen / OkutamaLin
42(sun)Tama-hills (Karakida course) / MachidaMasao Ishimori
9(sun)Shounan-daira / OisoTeruyoshi Kadoya
23(sun)Shiro-yama / TakaoLin

>To see the detailed schedule

In order to prevent the spread of COVID 19, the hiking trips may be canceled. We will try to make an early decision, but please check the website before participating. If you join the hike, please take sufficient measures beforehand. If you are feeling unwell in the slightest, please refrain from participating.


Just turn up at the meeting point. These trips are canceled only in case of continuous heavy rain or snow, or a typhoon warning.

If the hike is canceled due to rain, we will inform everyone by 7:00 on the morning of the hike via FoE Japan Twitter at <https://twitter.com/FoEJapan>


Lunch, drink, a flashlight, an easy emergency implement ,rain gear (not umbrella), and health insurance card in case of an accident during a hike. It is advisable to wear proper hiking or walking shoes, since some of the trails can be muddy or rocky.

1,000 Yen FOR ONE

to cover organizing costs and as a contribution toward work we are doing on environmental issues in Japan and through Friends of the Earth International in 75 countries around the world. Transportation expenses by each one.

Most hikes are about six hours of and many are in mountainous areas, so you should be reasonably fit. Although the leaders take every precaution, participation in all hikes is at your own risk.

Smokers, please use cigarette ash container, not to disturb others.


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